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Cattleya Neoreginae (C. elongata x Laelia sincorana semi-alba)

Product no.: 20070

young plants 2" pot

8.83 *
In stock

Cattleya Peckhaviensis (C. schilleriana "LFW" x C.aclandiae coerulea "Blue Sky)

Product no.: 20232

seedlings in 7cm pot, own crossing

9.81 *
In stock

Cattleya Peckhaviensis x Cattleya schilleriana

Product no.: 10880

young plants in 8 cm pot

11.78 *
In stock

Cattleya Pittiae x Cattleya schilleriana

Product no.: 10502

young plant in 7cm pot

7.85 *
In stock

Cattleya schilleriana (verde (green) A. Endringer x tipo XXX

Product no.: 20159

young plants 7/8 cm pot

14.72 *
In stock

Cattleya schilleriana dark x Laelia alaorii alba

Product no.: 20696

plants near blooming size, 6cm pot

the picture of the flower is of this crossing

9.71 *
In stock

Laelia alaorii escura x Cattleya violacea s/a flamea

Product no.: 20698

young plants 5,5 m pot

the picture of the flower is an example

6.87 *
In stock

Cattleya warscewiczii x Laelia alaorii

Product no.: 20838

plants in 7cm / 8cm pot, we expect small plant with big flowers

9.71 *
In stock

Laelia dayana "Hartford" AM/AOS x Cattleya harrisoniana

Product no.: 20865

plants blooming size 7cm pot

9.71 *
In stock

Cattleya kerrii ("Bahia" x "Itapebi") x s

Product no.: 20877

youngs plants, 7 cm pot

12.00 *
In stock

Cattleya Neocalimaniorum

Product no.: 21262

young plants 7 cm pot

our own seedlings of the hybrid of nature Cattleya x neocalimaniorum (Laelia xanthina x Laelia praestans)

8.83 *
In stock

Cattleya Whitei (C. warneri escura x schilleriana dark)

Product no.: 21463

young plants 6cm pot, own seedlings

7.85 *
In stock

Cattleya leopoldii var.lilacina x s

Product no.: 21672

young plants 7 cm pot

11.76 *
In stock

RLC Alma Kee "Tipmalee" AM/AOS

Product no.: 21795

established import plants, flowering size / adult

17.66 *
In stock

Cattleya leopoldii "Black Prince" x Cattleya aclandiae

Product no.: 21215

young plants 7cm or 8cm pot

10.79 *
In stock

Cattleya leopoldii (semi-alba x alba) x s

Product no.: 21216

young plants 7cm pot

9.71 *
In stock
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